Friday, April 17, 2015


It has been a while. I have been really busy with work, volunteering, and going to the gym.

I am very excited to announce though that I have lost 40 pounds since January 1st. Just from working out and eating healthy. I try and go to the gym as many times in the week as possible, sometimes it is 5 days, sometimes it is 2 days.

I hope that any goals you have set have been coming together!

My next goal is to lose 20 more pounds before I move half way though June. It is going to be hard but I think I can do it. Or at least get close to it. I am house sitting somewhere that has a treadmill so I will be able to use that the days I can not get to the gym and I find I eat healthier when I am house sitting.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

I have hit a rock

All last week I didn't gain anything but I didn't lose anything, I was so busy that I didn't get a chance to go to the gym. It was a hard week. I didn't realize how much going to the gym was helping me. Even my mood. I went to spin last night and I let out all the anger and frustration and stress of last week and it felt great!!!

Hopefully I can get to the gym tomorrow night, we will see how I feel, I woke up this morning and felt dead with a cold. hopefully an early night tonight will help as I am not going to my other job feeling like this and passing it on to clients who don't have the best immune systems anyways.

Oh also I came in 3rd for that challenge I was doing YAY!!!! Now I still have to keep up with drinking lots of water and not eating after 9.

I also need to get back to using the it works body wraps. Maybe tomorrow I don't think I should use them if  I am feeling this crappy.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Its been a while since I posted anything. This last week has been crazy busy. The good news is that I am done the 21 day challenge and the the first month of 2015 eating healthy. from January 1st to February 1st I lost 20 pounds!! I couldn't be more happy about it :) life is good

I will keep posting updates on how I am doing, I would like to lose about 15 pounds a month in the next two months. hopefully I can keep up my healthy eating ways.

I have been working out as much as possible along with drinking tons of water, some detox water and lemon water in there too for verity. I have been drinking detox tea too which I love the taste of.

hope everyone else's goals are going well

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Day 21 and 22

Ah I give up trying to write everyday. I keep trying and I think of it then I get distracted.

Yesterday was a good day, I went to spin class which is always fun. Did you know you burn around 1500 calories in a spin class! crazy! I also ate pretty healthy other than the butter on my popcorn that I had last night.

I have started to add in cinnamon to my morning smoothies, sooo good. It is good to help kick start your materialism as well.

I have also downloaded some really cool apps on my phone that I love, one is a 7 minute work out app, they give you different workouts to do everyday. You can make it so it is longer than 7 mins as well. The other one I got is a Jillian Micheals one, it has a meal planner (for extra so I didn't do that), a journal, where you write in your exercise and what you eat and some exercises you can do at home. I love it, it makes you accountable for what you are eating. It also tells you how many carbs, calories, fat and protein and sugar you are taking in with what your eating.

I tried cucumber water yesterday and didn't like it, I think i put in to many cucumbers for my water bottle. So now i am back to lemon water :)

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Days 17, 18, 19, and 20

I really need to start posting on the weekends, I have the app on my phone. Its not like it is a hard thing to do.
Anyways, this weekend wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be, I drank 4 liters of water ever day and even got in a bit of exercise at the conference. The food we had was pretty healthy and there was always some fruit and veggies.

The bad part was I had McDonald's on  Sunday for the first time in almost 6 months. It was so good but not what I remembered. Sunday night I then woke up in the middle of the night sick and spent most of the night and most of Monday with a touch of food poisoning. Not fun.

Good news is that I lost 6 pounds on week one of this challenge I am doing through my moms Co-Worker so I hope I can keep that up.

Because I was sick yesterday I didn't make it to the gym :( but hope to get to the track tonight, we will see how I feel after my 12 hour work day.

I would also like to point out that it is day 20 without pop :)

Keep at those resolutions and remember if you slip up just start again, its okay :)  

Friday, January 16, 2015

Day 15 and 16

Work has been crazy busy the last two days so I didn't get to write yesterday. With being so busy it it hard tie to take care of one's self but I think I have been doing a pretty good job. I only got one negative point so far and that was for a cupcake today, I will get another one because I am going to have a mocha after work but I need something before I go to my Guide training. This weekend is just going to be bad for food, we are having dinner tonight and lunch and dinner out tomorrow. I am going to try and eat as healthy as possible but I think tonight is just pizza so I will have to have lots of veggies and fruit with one slice. Tomorrow will be easier cause we will be going to a restaurant and can have salads and stuff like that.

I have been drinking tons of water! for every liter I drink I get a point so it is a pretty easy four points so why not, plus it is good for you. I couldn't get to the gym yesterday, or today or tomorrow (going bowling on Sunday, does that count? lol) so I have been and will keep doing home workouts,

I hope everyone has a good weekend :)

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Day 14

Today has been a good day so far. I have decided that I need to stop checking the scale everyday, that is not healthy at all! I am really sore today. I walked 4km in 40 mins last night with my group that I work with, me and one of the members just went off and walked and a little bit of running. We also did a few laps with weights, swinging them and doing reps as we walked.

I only drank 3 liters of water yesterday like I thought I would.

Today my goal is 4 liters again, we will see how it goes. I did some stretching on my lunch break today because I am so sore so that was really nice. Tonight I have spin then I am going to do some arm work at home.

Nothing else is really new in the way of my healthy life change