Friday, January 16, 2015

Day 15 and 16

Work has been crazy busy the last two days so I didn't get to write yesterday. With being so busy it it hard tie to take care of one's self but I think I have been doing a pretty good job. I only got one negative point so far and that was for a cupcake today, I will get another one because I am going to have a mocha after work but I need something before I go to my Guide training. This weekend is just going to be bad for food, we are having dinner tonight and lunch and dinner out tomorrow. I am going to try and eat as healthy as possible but I think tonight is just pizza so I will have to have lots of veggies and fruit with one slice. Tomorrow will be easier cause we will be going to a restaurant and can have salads and stuff like that.

I have been drinking tons of water! for every liter I drink I get a point so it is a pretty easy four points so why not, plus it is good for you. I couldn't get to the gym yesterday, or today or tomorrow (going bowling on Sunday, does that count? lol) so I have been and will keep doing home workouts,

I hope everyone has a good weekend :)

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