Thursday, January 22, 2015

Day 21 and 22

Ah I give up trying to write everyday. I keep trying and I think of it then I get distracted.

Yesterday was a good day, I went to spin class which is always fun. Did you know you burn around 1500 calories in a spin class! crazy! I also ate pretty healthy other than the butter on my popcorn that I had last night.

I have started to add in cinnamon to my morning smoothies, sooo good. It is good to help kick start your materialism as well.

I have also downloaded some really cool apps on my phone that I love, one is a 7 minute work out app, they give you different workouts to do everyday. You can make it so it is longer than 7 mins as well. The other one I got is a Jillian Micheals one, it has a meal planner (for extra so I didn't do that), a journal, where you write in your exercise and what you eat and some exercises you can do at home. I love it, it makes you accountable for what you are eating. It also tells you how many carbs, calories, fat and protein and sugar you are taking in with what your eating.

I tried cucumber water yesterday and didn't like it, I think i put in to many cucumbers for my water bottle. So now i am back to lemon water :)

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