Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Before I start

Hello everyone.
I am starting this blog in hopes that it will help me stay on track over the next year.

It is December 30th, and with that New Years is not far away and I have like every year thought of my resolutions. Last year I cut out chips and with great success I only had one small bowl one crazy day at work.

This year I decided to cut out pop! I drink a lot of it, I love it, I even have a soda stream to make my own!! It is going to be a tough thing to do but I believe I can do it!

Before the holidays started I was going to the gym 3-4 times a week, eating really healthy and even had lost 20 pounds! I was so excited. Then the holidays came, and I was too busy to go the the gym but still was eating pretty healthy. Then the treats came out and all that work I did before the holidays went down the hill. I still haven't looked on the scale out of fear..... I know i didn't gain the whole 20 pounds back but probably a lot of it.

So with that I decided I needed a boost in the new year. So I put together a workout plan and started a healthy menu.

I will post my menu up in a few minutes and a picture of my workout plan.

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