Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Years Eve

So today is New Years eve. Not going to lie, I have a 710 ml bottle of ginger ale in front of me right now. Trying to drink all the pop I can before tomorrow. I am only at work for three hours so I did have a bunch of veggies as a lunch/snack thing though so that is good right?

Last night I made 31 of those essential oils pills I wrote about. I was finding it hard to add the oils in by adding two droppers, they would just get different amounts of oil in each time. So instead what I did was put thirty drops of each oil in to a little container (glass) and would use that as my mix of oils. It turned out great! I then put them in the freezer (remember to do this as if they aren't frozen the oils will eat through the plastic pill shell) I had one this morning and I didn't find that it made me feel ill like other pills have, so far so good.

I have to go grocery shopping again and this time I will have time to go to both grocery stores in town. The main one I got to was out of half the things on my grocery list so I still need some staples like frozen veggies and apples (I really only like the green apples). Oh life in the great white north, never know what the grocery stores are going to have.

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