Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Essential oils

I thought I would do a quick post on essential oils while I am on a roll of posting.

I meet some women here in Yellowknife a few months ago that sold young living essential oils. At first I didn't even look at the oils. I thought nah that stuff doesn't work! A few craft sales latter ( I make a sell jewelry) I was getting interested, I had been hearing all these people talking to these ladies about how they work so well and this and that. So I went over and talked to the lady I knew best and asked if there was anything good for migraines ( I get them all the time since I moved to Yellowknife). She said there was but they were the more expensive ones and before I spent a bunch of money to try the peppermint, she didn't have a new bottle in stock but i bought a defuser necklace and she put some drops in for me from her bottle.

It was amazing! I would smell the peppermint when i felt a headache coming on and it would stop it right in its tracks. So did some more research on essential oils and I bought the premium starter kit from young living. The amount of things you can use essential oils for is amazing! I don't sleep the best, so I put some ceaderwood in my humidifier and sleep like a baby. I felt a cold coming on so I used some thieves for that on my feet and the next morning was feeling a 100 percent.

Now when I first started researching essential oils I kept coming across oils that help you lose weight. I don't know for sure how well they work, my guess is that they work differently for everyone. I have been using a homemade grapefruit oil with coconut oil lotion I made and I can see a small difference in the way my skin looks. I came across a blog about making a trio of oils pill to help lose weight. It seems like it is kind of like the PGX pill so I ordered some empty pills and I am going to add it in to my routine in January to see how it works.

The recipe for the pills can be found here: http://stuffparentsneed.com/essential-oils-weight-loss/

Along with all this I have also started to make my own lip balm and hand creams. The stuff we put on our bodies that are bought in the store is so bad for us and I find the natural stuff works way better. Yellowknife is a very dry climate and having good lotion and lip balm is key.

I first bought my stuff from Young living and I love their products but about a week ago I found out that a local pharmacy carries another line of oils. While they don't have all the oils I am going to go there first before ordering online. (I also paid for the express shipping and it took about three weeks to get to me so I wasn't to happy with that).  

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