Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Day 13

Yesterday was a great day!
I went to spin and barre! (I wont be going back to barre though cause all the squatting hurt my back to much) Since I did that bubble soccer on Sunday my legs are like jelly now! Very proud of myself for doing two classes though.
Also yesterday I got 11 points for the challenge I am doing,
1 for eating 5 servings of veggies
2 for making my lunch and dinner
4 for drinking 4 liters of water
4 points for doing 2 hours of workout
0 because I had breakfast
0 because I talked to someone about non work related stuff for over 5 mins
0 because I had 3 solid meals
0 because I slept for over 5 hours
(these last 4 things are all things you should be doing so you get a minus point for not doing them)
0 because I didn't eat after 9 pm (that was a custom one I switched with pop since I am not drinking pop anyways) (if I did -1 point)
0 because I didn't have any fast food (if I did -1 point for each part of the meal ie fries, burger)
0 because I didn't have any sweets or treats ( If I did -1 point for each thing eaten)
0 because I didn't have over two alcoholic drinks

Today I am just really tired but its been a good day in the way of eating healthy, I did some workout during lunch and the group that I work with on Tuesdays nights is going to the track for our activity tonight  Today I will only get 8 points cause I will only drink 3 liters of water and be doing an hour of workout all together

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