Friday, January 2, 2015

Day two

Day two is going good so far. I have drank so much water and I already did my workout on my lunch. For lunch today I had a chicken causer wrap and some roasted green beans and broccoli. I also drank two glasses of water with it.

The bad part about today is that my co-worker did buy my chips cause I hadn't had any yet this year (and didn't eat them all last year) I did stop myself before going to far though so I am proud of myself for that.

I just got invited to a family friends for dinner tonight so the quinoa and veggies will have to take a back seat tonight but they people place we are going to are pretty healthy so it should be pretty good.. (honestly I am ready for Monday when the holidays are done and everyone can get back to normal and not going to parties every night).

I am looking at different detox waters now, there is a few I want to try and keep seeing places. I will let you know what one I decide to go with first and if it works. I just don't want to be drinking regular water all the time.

Hope everyone is having a good new year so far

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