Monday, January 12, 2015

Days 9, 10, 11, 12

I am not used to writing on a blog everyday, hopefully I can get better.

The last few days have been great, and in the past 11 days I have lost 8 pounds! (What!!!!!)

I left my essential oil pills where I was house sitting so I just got them back today so I couldn't take them over the weekend but took one as soon as I got them.

I went to spin on the 10th and went to the track for an hour and went to bubble ball soccer on the 11th (bubble ball is this awesome thing where you are in this big blow up ball and you can do flips and stuff, we have a drop in game of soccer in them in Yellowknife and definitely going to have to go again, when you fall and have to get your self back up its so hard, my legs are so sore today :) ).

Today also marks the first day of a 21 day challenge I am doing that a friend is putting on. She makes this big spreed sheet and you get points for doing stuff like going to the gym or get points taken away if you drink pop or eat sweets.

I have also been doing my at home workouts but changing it up a bit, I do a verity of stuff from my original plan and the other challenge that I posted and also have been doing some arm work with weights because I do no weight training which is bad.

I also have been drinking water with lemon in it for the most part. I find my mouth gets mucus in it more when I have lemon water so I have regular water when I am working out or else I feel like I can't breath sometimes.

I am back at home now for a week and a half so before my next house sitting job so I eat pretty healthy at home because my mom makes sure the dinner is healthy and I have been making sure to have a good lunch. Still having an egg and toast for breakfast but I need to add back in my smoothie to take to work. It means I have to get up a few minutes earlier and I just love my sleep so much that it is hard.

I hope everyone is doing well with their new year resolutions.

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