Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Day 5,6 and 7

So I have been really busy the last few days so here is an update.
With being so busy I haven't stuck to my menu at all other than breakfast. But I have been eating as healthy as I can. I have had a few slips but I am not beating myself up over that.
I realized that the last thing I want to do when I get home from a 12 hour work day on Tuesday is work out.... So we will see how next Tuesday goes but I may just call that a day off from working out. (Next Tuesday my group I work with on Tuesday nights is going to the track anyways so there is my workout).

I did go to spin on Day 5 and did my at home workout and I am going to do my at home workout on my lunch today, (I guess i could normally do my at home workouts Tuesdays at lunch but I had to run some earns yesterday) and I am going to spin tonight.

I have been drinking tons of water!! like so much. I normally add in real lemon or when I am at work the pre squeezed stuff which probably isn't as good for you but is easier than bringing lemons to work.

As for my New Years resolution, this is day 7 with out pop :D

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